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Northern Ireland accent voted sexiest in the world - The Irish Sydney is the city with the happiest singletons, with 31 per cent saying they are “proudly single”. The Time Out Global Dating Survey found that the British accent is the world’s favorite, followed by the American accent and then southern Ireland and Australian. French, once considered the language of love, now they’re in fifth place with just 7.7 per cent of the vote.

British Accent Is Sexiest In The World, According to New York is the opposite, with 45 per cent of daters describing themselves as “sad to be single”. The survey asked 11,000 respondents across 24 global cities for the accent they find the most becoming. Paris was slated the best place to date, though -- and with all those mistresses, who could disagree?

The best cities in the world to fall in love - Malaysia The Star Online The Time Out Global Dating Survey also questioned 11,000 people in 24 cities about dating etiquette. The world's best city for dating and finding love goes to. has been deemed the worlds best city for dating in a new global Time Out survey.

British is officially the most attractive accent in the world Metro News Over half (53 per cent) of respondents kiss on the first date and one in 10 believes sex on a first date is acceptable. That's because a survey recently found the British accent to be the most. The Time Out Global Dating Survey came to these conclusions by.

This Is How Dating In 2015 Will Look Like, Research Says - A Plus The average number of dates reached before having sex is 3.53. Luckily for all of us, TimeOut polled more than 11,000 people to find how. hold towards dating and the fraction of single Frenchies that took the survey. However, the global average for the number of dates required before.

Roger that British confirmed as world's sexiest accent. But which. Checking a prospective date’s credentials on social media before meeting up is habitual for 58 per cent of those surveyed. The prestious, definitive Time Out Global Dating Survey 2015 has confirmed what the world already knew. Brits have the world's sexiest.

Brits have the world's sexiest accents, survey finds - Mashable It is considered acceptable to see other people until you have reached six dates, and it takes nine exclusive dates before modern daters feel comfortable declaring themselves a couple. A British accent is the world's most attractive accent, according to a recent Time Out dating survey.

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