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What does <strong>HOOK</strong> UP mean? - <strong>HOOK</strong> UP. -

What does HOOK UP mean? - HOOK UP. - Kimberely (Age 20) Montezuma, IA About KIMBERELY :"I LOVE TO WATCH PEOPLE HAVING SEX.. I love to live my life fully and explore all that world has to offer. I love to entertain the camera and probably make it more of a show riding a huge cock and sucking it wet and make ourselves go dirty. I am looking to find some men, women, or couples from around my area that don't mind having their pic on the word wide web.. I am looking for like minded individuals who just want to have fun. Ever wondered what HOOK UP means? Or any of the other 9124 slang words, abbreviations and acronyms listed here at Internet Slang?

<i>Hook</i> uphook up" definition" />

Hook up" meaning "hook up" definition I am an attractive, healthy, slender/petite and intellent woman. " Claretha (Age 24) Winterset, IA About CLARETHA :"I am a 39 year old and i am on an adult website that I post pics to on a weekly basis. " Adeline (Age 24) Woolstock, IA About ADELINE :"I am a sexually liberated woman. The meaning of "hook up" is to have sex with someone. Example Sentence I met this girl in a nhtclub and we hooked up! It was great!

Local college girls from <em>Geneva</em>, Iowa

Local college girls from Geneva, Iowa I want to be discreet and explore with those who can be patient, sensitive and show what exciting activities are possible. Horny local girls in GENEVA, IOWA.* Hooked up – Did you manage to meet with her and/or hook up? Is there potential to keep hooking up?

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