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Hear the Animated Justice League Is there a Broadway musical about Cher's life in the works? "Just got off phone [with] Writer & Director of musical," The Grammy award winner announced on Twitter. Justice League and Justice League Unlimited are currently streaming on Netflix. Just sayin’.

Podcasts for New Adults - "There Will [be] performance in THEATRE WITH ACTORS, DANCERS, SINGERS!! The New York Times has collected podcasts for recent college graduates with advice on careers, personal finance, and “adulting.” As the last Millennials leave.

The Most Overlooked Rocky Planet Is "Cher has put her story into the hands of director Jason Moore, who directed the Broadway hit , as well as his producing partner and former VP of development at NBC, Flody Suarez. Despite being closest to the sun, Mercury is the most nored terrestrial planet in the solar system. It’s had to sit back and watch while Earth, Mars, and even.

Hear the Animated Justice League
Podcasts for New Adults -
The Most Overlooked Rocky Planet Is

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